No Signal On TV

Jan 31 2019

If your smart TV device is showing "No Signal" on your TV when connected follow the steps below to resolve issue you’re encountering:


  • Restart the box by unplugging the power supply from the device as well as the HDMI cable from the back of both the TV and your smart TV devices, plug the HDMI cable back into the device and TV, plug the power supply back into the device, and power it back on.
  • Make sure the HDMI cable is tightly plugged into both the smart TV device and TV.
  • Go into Settings on the Home Screen, select Display on the top row, select Screen Resolution, turn Off "auto switch to best resolution" and select an alternative resolution that your TV is compatible with (Note: Going down to 720p resolution would not effect your overall experience negatively).
  • If possible, please attempt to use an alternative HDMI cable then the one currently being used as well as different HDMI port on your TV.


One of these methods should resolve your issue.

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