Troubleshooting Device via Remote Access - QuickSupport App

Our customer care team is ready to help fix any issues you may be having with the Rveal Streaming Media Player. We have technicians on standby who use the best tools in customer support to ensure you have a positive experience every time the Rveal box is turned on. Our TeamViewer QuickSupport app allows us to troubleshoot your device remotely without taking up your time. Generally, a quick system update will solve any software issues. If you cannot find a solution on our Support Center, just contact us here and provide us with your QuickSupport ID Number (9-digits). Please follow the steps below to get your QuickSupport ID Number.

  1. - On the Home Screen, select the QuickSupport app icon (on the left of the Settings icon).
  2. - Once the QuickSupport app loads, your 9-digit ID number will appear. We will need this number to gain access into your device and troubleshoot the issues. 
  3. - Make sure to keep the QuickSupport app open on your device while we attempt to make a remote connection. A popup will appear prompting you to give us access. Select the Allow button and we will take it from there. Please leave your QuickSupport app open and your Rveal box on.

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For additional help and instructions, please contact our customer care team here.

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