Network Communication Issues

Jan 31 2019

If you get the "Network communication issues" message when testing the internet on the Ookla SpeedTest App and unable to access or use other apps, then your smart TV device may not be connected to the internet or is having issues establishing a strong enough connection to your network.


Please follow the methods below to reset your internet connection which should resolve the issue:

    1. - First, click on Settings to make sure you're connected to the internet and showing an IP Address (check Wi-Fi for wireless or Ethernet for hardwire).
    2. - If you're connected wirelessly but still having network communication issues, then follow these steps to refresh your network:
      1. - Select Settings.
      2. - Click the Other Tab (yellow tab).
      3. - Select More Settings.
      4. - Select WI-Fi on top.
      5. - Click on the network you're connected to.
      6. - Select "Forget" from the window that appears.
      7. - Go back to the Home Screen (press the Home Button on the remote).
      8. - Select Settings.
      9. - Check in Wi-Fi under the Network Tab (blue tab).
      10. - Try reconnecting to your network (you may have to reenter your password).
      11. Once reconnected, go back to the Home Screen and attempt to test the internet connection using the SpeedTest app. To learn how to do so click here.
      12. - If the app finds a server and gives you the option to click on the "Begin Test" Button, then the box is successfully connected to the internet.


  1. - If you still get "Network communication issues", attempt to restart your router or modem to reestablish a connection.
  2. - Afterward, test the internet speed to check if you’re connected
  3. - If you still get "Network communication issues", please perform a Factory Reset to reboot the device and restart the system entirely (Click here. for instructions on performing a Factory Data Reset).


If for any reason you're still having trouble, please contact us so we can provide further instructions or start a warranty claim to send your device back to us for repair or replacement. Our technicians are ready to help.

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For additional help and instructions, please contact our customer care team here.

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