Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Rveal Streaming Media Player is a little box that connects your TV to a world of online entertainment at the click of a button. Setup is easy and just takes a few minutes. Once you're connected to the Internet, the Rveal player gives you instant access to the biggest selection of movies, TV shows, sports, live channels, premium networks, international programs, music, games and much more. Combined with the upgraded Rveal Air Mouse Remote or Rveal Mini Touchpad Remote, we put choice and control back into your hands. Experience the option of streaming whatever you want, whenever you want with no monthly fees or subscriptions.

As simple as it sounds, we know you may still have some questions. The information below will answer the most frequently asked questions about Rveal products, services, features and more. Find out what Rveal is and how it works.

Q.  What is Rveal?

Like Roku or Apple TV, Rveal is a smart TV box. The difference is that we're powered by Android and feature an endless library of your favorite programs and apps. Click here to get more info.

Q.  What channels are available on the Rveal player?

Powered by the web, Rveal features a massive and growing library of channels from around the world, both basic and premium. You can watch any program live or on-demand, giving you endless content and an all-in-one media solution. Please click here for a brief channel list of what you will get on RvealTV, our custom app for all of your entertainment.

Q.  Will I get local channels?

While Rveal provides you with the most popular basic and premium nationwide channels, networks and news coverage, it is not specific to any location or city. For local news or weather, many of our customers use an HDTV antenna to pick up the available over-the-air channels. This is a easy solution to getting your local channels without the monthly fees or subscriptions. On the Rveal player, you can also browse the web or download an Android app from the Google Play Store to get local content.

Q. Can I record on the Rveal player?

Although you can use an external device or a 3rd-party app to record on RvealTV, chances are it will not be necessary because every program is available on-demand for instant viewing. This means you can watch your favorite shows, movies and sports on your own time and commercial-free without ever having to record.

Q.  Will Rveal work in my country?

The Rveal player can be and is already used across the world. Requiring only a basic internet connection and a TV or monitor, it's easy to setup and works anywhere you wish. You will have full access to the same content and features with no limitations, which includes a huge selection of both American and international programs.

Q.  I live outside of U.S. Do you ship internationally?

Here on our website,, we offer international shipping on all orders. During the checkout, you can enter any shipping address or country outside of the U.S. and we'll have your order delivered in no time.

Q.  Do I need one Rveal player per TV? 

Like any other streaming media player, Rveal only works with one TV at a time. However, as a light and mobile device, you have the option of taking it from one TV to the next if necessary. It only takes a few minutes to get connected and start streaming. As a tip, many of our customers purchase an extra power supply and HDMI cable to keep them connected to another TV, making it easy and quick to move the Rveal player around without the cables.

Q.  How fast does my Internet speed need to be?

For the best overall streaming experience, we recommend a minimum internet download speed of 10-15mbps. However, many of our customers are streaming away everyday with less than 5mbps. To enjoy your favorite programs in high quality, whether it is on-demand or live, your connection must be sufficient. The faster, the better of course.

Q.  Is it legal to use Rveal?

The Rveal Streaming Media Player, like a cell phone or computer, is just the hardware that allows you to access and stream all of your favorite programs from the internet. This content is already available on the web and provided by 3rd-party apps inside the Google Play Store and Kodi. Since there is no file-sharing, storing, copying or in essence "taking possession of the content", Rveal and other similar devices are perfectly legal. Streaming has been around for decades and continues to grow in popularity everyday.



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