RvealTV App Update Failed to Install or Extract

To resolve most issues when streaming on RvealTV such as constant buffering, broken stream links, error messages or overall slower performance, please manually update the app by following the instructions here. Doing this will also get you the latest features and changes on RvealTV.

If you tried to download the update and it failed to install or extract, please follow these steps to complete the download successfully:


  1. - Return to the Home Screen from the RvealTV app.
  2. - Click on Apps Settings.
  3. - Scroll down and choose Kodi from the list of apps.
  4. - Click on "Clear Data" and press OK when the popup message appears.
  5. - Wait a moment for the data to clear and go to 0 MB.
  6. - Go back to the Home Screen, click on RvealTV app, and press Retry.

Sometimes the download fails to install initially because the apps RvealTV and Kodi were not closed before updating. Make sure to close these apps when doing an update. For instructions on how to close apps, please click here.


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