Updating the RvealTV Application

Watch the video or read the instructions below on how to manually update the RvealTV app if you experience regular issues when browsing and streaming on the Rveal TV Box. Some of these issues may be constant buffering, broken stream links, error messages and overall slower performance. Similar to updating an app on your smart phone, this process only takes a few minutes to complete. We recommend doing it routinely to ensure a better streaming experience on RvealTV as bugs/glitches are fixed and enhancements are made on a frequent basis. Our team monitors the platform daily and only release mandatory updates when it's necessary for major maintenance and quality improvements.


          STEP BY STEP          

  1. Close the RvealTV and Kodi apps (if open). From the Home Screen, using the Air Mouse on the remote, click the Open Apps icon on the Status Bar at the bottom below the row of Android apps. (Note: You can only click on the icon with the Air Mouse, not the Directional Arrows). Hover above the open RvealTV app with the Air Mouse, press and hold the OK Button, and click "Remove from list" from the menu that appears. Do the same for the open Kodi app. If you don't see the Status Bar, click the link for instructions on how to enable it: http://www.rveal.com/blogs/support/116947139-activating-the-status-bar
  2. Go back to the Home Screen and click on the Apps Settings, the icon directly above the Settings on the bottom right.
  3. Scroll down the list of apps, select Kodi, and "Clear Data". Press "OK" on the message that appears to confirm and wait a moment for the data to clear. Repeat this process for RvealTV in the next step.
  4. Return to the list of apps, scroll further down to select RvealTV, and "Clear Data". Press "OK" on the message that appears to confirm and wait a moment for the data to clear.
  5. Go back to the Home Screen and select RvealTV to download the update. When it finishes downloading, click "Next" to install. It will take a few minutes to complete. (Note: Once you reach the RvealTV interface, please wait 30 seconds to allow the update to complete installing the shortcuts before navigating.)
  6. If it fails to install, go into Apps Settings, "Clear Data" for Kodi only, and try again.


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For additional help and instructions, please contact our customer care team here.

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