Getting Started | Streaming Media Player + Air Mouse Remote

With the Rveal Streaming Media Player & Android Smart TV Box, you're only a few minutes away from enjoying unlimited entertainment at the click of a button.
Please follow the simple steps below to get started.
Everything you need for setup already comes with your order, including a User Guide. The contents for both are shown in the picture below. 
(Note: The Rveal Streaming Media Player comes with a basic remote inside the package. If you also got the upgraded Rveal Air Mouse Remote or Rveal Mini Touchpad Remote in a separate package, you can put away the basic remote as it will not be used. You only need one remote to control the Rveal TV Box.) 




          STEP 1          

Like a Roku or Apple TV, plugging in and powering on the Rveal TV Box is quick and easy. First, connect the box to your TV with the included HDMI Cable, and second, plug the Power Supply into the box and wall outlet. To sync the upgraded Rveal Remote, plug the USB Receiver into either USB Port on the box, and then put two AAA batteries into the battery compartment on the back keyboard side of the remote. Lastly, press the Power Button on the box and select the correct HDMI Input/Source on your TV to begin.
(Note: If you're using the basic remote, skip letter C in the picture below.)


Rveal Streaming Media Player - Getting Started - Plug-In/Power-On



          STEP 2          
Once the start up is completed, it will take you to the Home Screen, and you will see a row of Android applications on the bottom. Select Settings Settings Icon on far right to connect to the internet.
(Note: From the Home Screen, you can access all settings and applications on the box. It is the main starting point.)

Rveal Streaming Media Player - Getting Started - Connect To Internet

Under the Network Settings, choose Wi-Fi for a wireless connection or Ethernet for hardwired. If you're using Wi-Fi, select your network name, enter the correct network password, and click "Connect Now" to establish an internet connection with the Rveal TV Box. Please give it a moment to make sure it connects.
(Tip: If your internet modem or router is near the box, we recommend using an Ethernet cable to hardwire them for a faster and more reliable internet connection.)

Rveal Streaming Media Player - Getting Started - Connect To Internet


          STEP 3          
After connecting the Rveal TV Box to your internet, return back to the Home Screen by pressing the Home Button Rveal Air Mouse Remote - Home Button on the remote. Go to the RvealTV App RvealTV App Icon on the bottom left to start streaming your favorite entertainment.
(Tip: Before clicking on the RvealTV App, test your internet speed using the Ookla SpeedTest App Ookla SpeedTest App Icon on the Home Screen to make sure it is fast enough for streaming. A minimum download speed of 10mbps is required to stream smoothly.)

Rveal Streaming Media Player - Getting Started - Start Streaming

Welcome to RvealTV. On the main menu, you can explore the different streams and options for movies, TV shows, live sport, premium channels, music and much more. Happy streaming!
(Tip: When browsing on RvealTV, it is easiest to use the Directional Arrows and OK Button Rveal Air Mouse Remote - Directional Arrows/Pad on the remote).  

Rveal Streaming Media Player - Getting Started - Start Streaming


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Getting Started | Rveal Air Mouse Remote

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