Exploring and Adding Different Add-Ons

Apr 29 2016

There are plenty of different add-ons available to explore and add to your platform. To simplify the process, we've provide you with an easy-to-use tool that has the most current popular add-on available and makes them easy to install.


Here are step-by-step instructions on how to access the Add-on Installer add-on inside RvealTV:


  1. - Select Extras inside RvealTV.
  2. - Scroll down and select Add-on Installer.
  3. - Select a category.
  4. - Select the add-on you would like to install.
  5. - Select the add-on inside, and press Install.
  6. - Once the add-on installs you will get a message saying "Success". Press Ok


You can also find and install more add-ons by selecting the Video Add-Ons submenu tab located beneath the Extras category, scrolling all the way to the bottom (You can also scroll up when at the top to go directly to the bottom), and selecting the "Get more..." tab (Icon with a puzzle piece inside).


NOTE: Add-ons being installed outside of our default programming have not been tested for stability by the Rveal Team, and we are not responsible if the add-ons do not work properly. They are developed by third party developers and are out of our control.

Once you've installed your add-ons, you can access them later within the Video Add-Ons submenu tab located beneath the Extras category.


Remember, if you were to ever update the RvealTV App, these steps would need to be reapplied to gain access to the adult content add-ons again.


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