Getting to Know the Home Screen

Apr 29 2016

An introduction to the Home Screen and all of it the apps and features:

RvealTV - The RvealTV App is where you will enjoy an unlimited library of entertainment from movies, to TV shows, to live sports.



YouTube - Explore the millions of videos available in the YouTube  library.



Google Chrome Web Browser - Explore the World Wide Web and visit your favorite websites on the Google Chrome Web Browser.



Google Play Store - Explore the millions of applications made available on the Google Play Store a and download your favorites.



All Apps Page - Select the All Apps Icon (Circle with the 6 dots inside), and view all the apps already available on the device, and others you install.



File Manager - Explore images, videos, and files available on the device, and on external storages that are connected with the File Manager.



Speedtest - Test your internet with Speedtest and make sure you always have sufficient download speed.



QuickSupport - QuickSupport allows you to grant a Rveal Technician remote access to your device to assist with resolving issues first hand.



Settings - Control your devices configurations, connections, and prefrences with Settings.



Rveal Support Center - Redirects you to the Rveal Support Center page where you can find tutorials, tips, and troubleshooting methods for all Rveal questions.



Apps Settings - Settings page for all apps installed on your device. Clear your apps Data or Cache, or uninstall them completely.



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