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Apr 03 2018

If you clicked on the RvealTV App (R icon), but only see the "Checking for updates…" message and a Retry Button, then the Rveal TV Box may not be connected to the internet or is having issues establishing a strong enough connection to your network.


Please go back to the Home Screen and click on Settings to make sure you're connected to the internet. If you are, it should show Wi-Fi or Ethernet connected with an IP Address. If you do not see this, please choose Wi-Fi for wireless or Ethernet for hardwired and connect. Once you successfully connect to the internet, please go back to the Home Screen to test your internet speed.


To test your internet speed, please follow the steps below or watch the video at the link below:


  1. - Click on the Ookla SpeedTest App (green icon with clock inside).
  2. - Using the Air Mouse on the remote, hover over the "Begin Test" Button and press OK.
  3. - It will test your internet download speed first followed by the upload speed.
  4. - Make sure your download speed is sufficient at a minimum of 5 mbps or higher (we recommend at least 10-15 mbps for a more smooth streaming experience).
  5. - Click the "Restart Test" to run the speed test a second time for a more accurate read.
  6. - If you're getting an internet connection, please return to the Home Screen and click on RvealTV.
  7. - You should go directly into the RvealTV Main Menu or be prompted to download the latest update.


Instructional video:


If you get the "Network communication issues" message when testing the internet on the Ookla SpeedTest App, then the connection is not strong enough although it may show Wi-Fi or Ethernet connected inside Settings. When attempting to access RvealTV with these internet issues, you'll see the message "Checking for updates" and the Retry Button.


To resolve this particular issue, please contact us so we can provide further instructions and ways to troubleshoot your internet connection. Our technicians are ready to help.


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For additional help and instructions, please contact our customer care team here.

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