Poor Quality Streams

Apr 29 2016

If you choose a stream and its in bad quality, here is some info and things to know to get a better streaming experience. With most programs on RvealTV, you can usually find a different stream in higher quality.


Although we use the best 3rd-party sources/add-ons available on the web to power all of the content on RvealTV for free, sometimes the program you want to watch is just not available in high quality. Remember, we do not control the content or provide the streams but only aim to locate the highest quality videos for every section (Movies, TV Shows, Live Sports, Live TV, etc.). Once a higher quality stream becomes available on the web or via a 3rd-party, you will be able to access it.


If you've tried to watch a particular program across multiple streams or sources/add-ons and its all in poor quality, this just means there is no HD version available on the web at the moment. This occurs more often with new releases like movies in theaters, abstract or less popular programs, and live channels.


For movies in theaters, the best available stream may be a camera version or with subtitles. It does very from movie to movie. In most cases, a higher quality stream becomes available a few weeks after theater release or once it is released on DVD. If it's in poor quality, we recommend trying again after several days to see if a better version becomes available the next time you choose the program. These 3rd-party sources/add-ons automatically update the list of streams everyday.


Since all of the content is provided by 3rd-party sources/add-ons, they do not focus on unpopular or abstract programs, therefore, there are fewer options to choose from. This is why these programs may not be available in high quality.


However, for most movies and TV shows, there is a high quality stream available. When you select a movie or episode, the system should automatically select the best available stream from the list of many. If a stream started but it's in poor quality, you can quickly choose a different stream manually or explore the Extras tab under each section (Movies, TV Shows) for even more sources/add-ons that provide the same content. Not every stream or source is ideal for every program therefore we give you multiple outlets to choose from. Here are instructions on finding a working or better stream for any movie or TV show episode:




Regarding live channels, it's more difficult for these 3rd-party sources/add-ons to maintain a 24/7 constant feed in HD. They often reduce the quality of the streams to enable more traffic or less-buffering. For the best streaming experience, it is always recommended to watch your programs on-demand. Keep in mind, you can enjoy any TV show or movie across all of the live networks on your own time, in higher quality, and without commercials, which is why most of our customers find it preferable. For example, if you want to watch Walking Dead on AMC, you can stream the newest episode live or you can stream it on-demand a few hours after it airs. Within TV Shows, you'll be able to enjoy every show across every basic or premium network whether it is HBO, Showtime, Starz, etc., starting with the very first episode to the most current.


In the ever-changing world of streaming, we constantly monitor the system and integrate the best streams and sources/add-ons as they come. If you're looking for a specific program and cannot find it in high quality, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist.


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