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Apr 29 2016

If you're having issues watching live channels, news or sports, please read below for more info and ways to get the best streaming experience.

On RvealTV, you have many options to watch the same program, both live and on-demand, ensuring you always have a way to enjoy your favorite entertainment. As for the live channels, we power this section with the most popular and top rated sources available online for free. Although our team monitors the platform daily and uses the best 3rd-party sources/add-ons for live programming, sometimes you may encounter issues such as buffering, poor quality, broken links, error messages (no stream available, check log) or bounce-outs with the stream. It is important to know that this is normally due to the 3rd-party content provider, not necessarily the performance of the Rveal box or your internet connection. For live channels, news or sports, these 3rd-parties occasionally  take the streams offline or reduce the quality to handle the traffic of users and perform maintenance, causing the issues you've experienced.

For the best streaming experience, it is always recommended to watch your programs on-demand. Keep in mind, you can enjoy any TV show or movie across all of the live networks on your own time, in higher quality, and without commercials. Most of our customers prefer this since they have full control with playback features and it doesn’t require as much internet speed to stream smoothly. For example, if you want to watch Walking Dead on AMC, you can watch the newest episode live or you can watch it on-demand a few hours after it airs. Within TV Shows, you'll be able to enjoy every show across every premium network whether it is HBO, Showtime, Starz, etc., starting with the very first episode to the most current.

Therefore, as a solution, we make sure to provide you with many choices and alternatives to watch the same program on RvealTV, either live or on-demand. If you choose a live channel or sporting event and it's having issues or not working, you can just quickly pick a different stream for the same program. Under each section (Live Sports, Sports TV, Live TV, News, International TV, etc.), there are many links and sources/add-ons that provide the same content. Please explore them and you'll be sure to find what you're looking for in higher quality.

If you've tried multiple streams and sources but continue to have constant issues with buffering, poor quality, not working links, error messages or bounce-outs, please check to make sure your internet connection has a minimum download speed of 10-15mbps and your RvealTV app is updated.

  1. - Here are the instructions to test your internet speed:
  2. - Here are the instructions to update RvealTV:
If the internet speed is sufficient and the RvealTV app is updated, but you're still having trouble streaming live channels, news or sporting events across the many options, please feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to show you which sources/add-ons are working great for any specific program. We can also provide you with further instructions on fixing or bypassing the most common issues such as buffering, bounce-outs or error messages. Sometimes it just takes personal support, basic troubleshooting or becoming more familiar with the platform to enjoy live content in high quality. Our technicians are ready to help.

With future updates through RvealTV, we plan on integrating premium add-ons for live content and a TV Guide which will provide higher quality streams and make it easier to find and enjoy whatever you want.

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