Apr 03 2018

To understand the most common reasons for buffering and how to reduce it, please read below for more info and things to know.


Buffering can be due to many reasons not related to the performance of the Rveal box such as slow internet speeds, 3rd-party stream quality, time of day, overcrowding on the server and many others. It is important to understand that while we use the best 3rd-party sources and add-ons available on the web to power the content on RvealTV for free, sometimes you may still encounter buffering issues when streaming.


The biggest factors that contribute to buffering is your internet connection and the quality of the stream or servers provided by the 3rd-party. This applies more to live programming as it requires a stronger connection and routine maintenance from the provider side. The best solution to buffering is having fast internet speeds and knowing how to find and stream whatever you like across the different sources/add-ons. On RvealTV, you have many options to watch the same program, both live and on-demand, ensuring you always have a way to enjoy your favorite entertainment, whether it's a movie, TV show, live channel, news or a sporting event.


If there is constant buffering across the streams you select from different sources/add-ons, please check your internet connection first as this is the most common factor. We recommend a minimum download speed of 10-15 mbps for a more reliable and smoother streaming experience. Here are the instructions on testing the speed:




If your internet speed is sufficient, then the next step is to manually update the RvealTV App (R icon) to get the latest changes and improvements to the 3rd-party sources/add-ons and streams. In many cases, streams or links that are buffering today may have worked without issues last week, or the stream that works well for one program may not work well for another program. Therefore, our team monitors the platform daily to keep it updated with the best and high quality content available on the web at the moment. Here are instructions to download the update:




Once RvealTV is updated, the best way to avoid or reduce buffering is to know how to choose a stream manually, exploring the Extras tab under each section (Movies, TV Shows, Live Sports, Live TV, etc.), and browsing the many sources/add-ons for whatever you want to watch. Here are instructions on finding a working or better stream for any movie or TV show episode:




For the best streaming experience, it is always recommended to watch your programs on-demand. Keep in mind, you can enjoy any TV show or movie across all of the live networks on your own time, in higher quality, and without commercials, which is why most of our customers find it preferable. For example, if you want to watch Walking Dead on AMC, you can stream the newest episode live or you can stream it on-demand a few hours after it airs. Within TV Shows, you'll be able to enjoy every show across every basic or premium network whether it is HBO, Showtime, Starz, etc., starting with the very first episode to the most current.


If your internet connection is not fast enough or slower than recommended, here are a few ways to improve it:

  1. - Restart your router routinely to refresh the wireless signal
  2. - Plug the Rveal box to the router directly with an Ethernet cable (if possible)
  3. - Choose and connect to your 5G wireless network signal (if possible)
  4. - Increase the strength of your internet in any room using a Wi-Fi extender
  5. - Change the router settings to give the Rveal box more internet strength (if possible) 

Here are a few more tips to help with buffering:

  1. - Clicking Play to resume the stream instead of waiting for it to fully load
  2. - Exiting the stream and starting it again to reestablish a connection
  3. - Pausing on-demand content for the video to progress 

If for any reason you're still having trouble, please contact us so we can provide further instructions or get remote access into your device to perform the necessary troubleshooting. Our technicians are ready to help.


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