Failed to Download - RvealTV App

Apr 29 2016

If you're connected to the internet  and attempt to download the latest update on the RvealTV App (R icon), but get a "Failed to Download" error message, please follow the steps below to resolve the issue and activate RvealTV:

  1. - Select the All Apps icon (circle with 6 dots inside) which is in the center of the row of apps across the bottom.
  2. - Select Kodi and wait for it to fully load until it reaches the blue interface/background.
  3. - Exit back to the Home Screen (press the Home Button on remote).
  4. - Select the File Manager app (yellow folder icon) on the Home Screen.
  5. - Select "Device" in the left column once inside File Manager (use the Air Mouse on the remote).
  6. - Select "Android" from the menu options that appear on the right.
  7. - Select "data".
  8. - Scroll down and select "org.xbmc.kodi".
  9. - Select "files".
  10. - Select ".kodi".
  11. - After entering the ".kodi" yellow folder, exit back to the Home Screen.
  12. - When you reach the Home Screen, manually close the Kodi and RvealTV Apps
    1. - Instructions on how to close open apps: HERE
  13. - After closing the apps, return to the Home Screen and select the RvealTV App to start the download.


Once you see a blue progress bar begin, just give it a few minutes to download and install the latest update. When you reach the RvealTV Main Menu (with the Movies, TV Shows, etc.), please wait an additional minute for the system to complete its final installation and shortcuts.


If for any reason you’re still unable to complete the download, please contact us so we can provide further instructions or get remote access into your device to perform the necessary troubleshooting. Our technicians are ready to help.


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For additional help and instructions, please contact our customer care team here.

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