Setting Up Favorites or Saving Programs

Apr 29 2016

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to add Favorites to you RvealTV main interface:
> Select System inside RvealTV.
> Select Appearance.
> Select Skin.
> Select - Settings.
> Select Home window.
> Select Setup the Aeon Nox main menu.
> Scroll down and select Favorites.
> Check in Enable at the top.


This will make Favorites a category on the main interface of your RvealTV App. To add content to your Favorite, press the Menu Button on your remote when selecting the content, and select  "Add to favorites" from the menu  that appears. NOTE: You cannot favorite Movies or TV Shows from Exodus or SALTS. Exodus is used as our main interface for Movies and TV Shows. You can however favorite the same content within Specto, Velocity, and 1Channel located in the Extras submenu tab underneath both Movies and TV Shows.




A good alternative to favoriting movies and TV shows  would be to Search for them and then locate them afterwards within Recent Searches. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to below:
> Select the Extras beneath either Movies or TV Shows inside RvealTV.
> Select SALTS.
> Select Search and search for your favorite content.
> Your searches inside SALTS will be stored within Recent Searches located underneath Search.




For additional help and instructions, please contact our customer care team here.


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