Performing a Factory Data Reset

Mar 29 2016

Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to perform a Factory Data Reset:

> Select Settings on the Home Screen.

> Select the Other tab.

> Select More Settings.

> Scroll down and select Backup & Reset.

> Select Factory Data Reset.

> Select Reset MBX.

> Select Erase Everything.

> Once you do that it will go into the rebooting phase.

> Once rebooting is completed you will get to the introduction and it will walk you through the basic setup.


Following the Factory Data Reset wait until all of your stock applications are reinstalled. You can see the progression of them being installed by going to the All Apps Screen by selecting the All Apps Icon (Circle with 6 dots inside) in the middle of the Home screen. If you notice no apps are being added, restart your box and it should begin installing them. Once all the apps reinstall you're Home Screen will revert back to its original state.


Following the Factory Data Reset here are the step-by-step instructions to activate the RvealTV App:

> Select the All Apps Icon (Circle with 6 dots inside) in the middle of the Home Screen.

> Select Kodi and wait for it to fully load and reach the blue interface.

> Exit back to the Home Screen (Press the Home Button on remote).

> Select the File Manager app on the Home Screen (App that looks like a yellow folder).

> Select Device in the left column once inside File Manager.

> Select Android from the menu options that appear on the right.

> Select "data".

> Scroll down and select "org.xbmc.kodi".

> Select "files".

> Select ".kodi".

> After entering the ".kodi" folder, exit back to the Home Screen.

> When you reach the Home Screen manually close the Kodi and RvealTV Apps (Here are the instructions on how to close open apps: (

> After closing the apps return to the Home Screen and select the RvealTV App to download the latest update.




If you are unable to navigate within the device at all to perform a Factory Data Reset, attempt to perform a Hard Manual Factory Data Reset by following the steps within the link below:





For additional help and instructions, please contact our customer care team here.


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