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Apr 03 2018


If you clicked on the RvealTV app and see a message that your device is not recognized, please read below to fix the issue:


At times when you power on the Rveal player it might take a moment to reestablish the internet connection once more. During this time applications such as the RvealTV app might indicate that it is not working . Please give it moment longer before attempting to use the RvealTV app and then attempt to select it once more.




If you're still encountering issues please make sure that you do have a stable internet connection. The issue you're encountering could be due to a weak or low internet connection on the Rveal player. We understand the Rveal player might indicate that it is connected but might not be pulling in any download speed. Please test the internet connection on the Rveal player to assure it is getting a stable connection. To learn how to do so click on the link below.


If you've tested the internet speed on the Rveal box and it's not fast enough, slower than recommended, lower than other devices on the same network, or seeing Network Communication Error message, then here are a few ways to improve your connection:


  • Please make sure the date and time are set to your current location as that might affect your connection. 
    • To change the date and time select the bottom right Settings on the Home Screen.
    • Select More Settings at the end of the second row, or scroll down, select Droid Settings and then select More Settings.
    • Scroll down, and select Date & Time.
    • Make sure "Automatic date & time" is checked in. If it is, and the date & time are still incorrect, uncheck "Automatic date & time", manually apply the correct date and time in your location, and recheck in "Automatic date & time".
    • Make sure the correct Time Zone is selected for your location.
  • Restart your router routinely to refresh the wireless signal and reestablish a stronger connection. With most routers, just unplug the power supply and plug it back in to restart. The newer routers will have a power button.
  • If possible, plug the Rveal box to the router directly with an Ethernet cable. A direct, hardwired connection is always the most stable and fastest. When connecting via Ethernet, make sure to go to the Network Settings on the Rveal box and check in the Ethernet option.
  • If available, choose and connect to your 5GHz wireless network signal as it will always be faster and more reliable than the standard 2.4GHz. Most internet providers and routers today provide both a 2.4GHz and a 5GHz wireless signal. If you have the 5GHz option when selecting your wireless network on the Rveal box, you should see the same network name but with one ending in 5G. Make sure to choose this one.
  • Increase the strength of your internet in any room or desired location using a Wi-Fi extender. If you notice that all of your devices have internet connection issues in the same room or location you want to setup the Rveal box, then it would be best to improve the wireless signal in that area using a Wi-Fi extender or repeater. 
  • If possible, change the router settings to give the Rveal box more priority and internet strength above the other devices. Some routers rank the connected devices by priority and often put open-source TV boxes like Rveal at the bottom below phones or computers. Login to your router settings and check to make sure the Rveal box is given more internet priority.


Keep in mind the further the box is from your router, the bigger the drop in speed. Also if you have multiple devices connected to your router at the same time, it may reduce the speed since its sharing the signal strength. 


If for any reason you're still having trouble, please contact us so we can provide further instructions or tips on improving your internet connection. We can also be reached by phone Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm PST at 747.888.3744 ext. 3.

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