Finding a Working or Different Stream for Movies & TV Shows

On RvealTV, you have many ways to watch the same program and multiple streams to choose from for any movie or TV show. When you select a movie or TV show episode, a stream should start playing automatically from the list of available ones. Our system is set to auto-play for most sources that provide the movie and TV show content which makes it easier for you to just click and enjoy.

However, if you click on a movie or TV show episode and a stream does not start automatically, says "No stream available", or shows a "Working…" loading message but nothing happens, just pick one from the list manually. As a tip, you can try starting it again to see if it works on the second attempt before going to the list of streams.

If a stream starts playing automatically but is having issues such as constant buffering, poor quality, foreign subtitles or error messages, you can try a different one from the list as well.


Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to get the list of streams:

  1. - Go to the movie or TV show episode of choice. Make sure you are highlighting it with your remote.
  2. - Click the Menu Button  on the Rveal Air Mouse Remote.
  4. - Click "Select Source" or "Play Using" at the top of the menu options that appear to see the list of available streams.
  5. - Going in order from top to bottom, try different streams and sources until one works. The stream list is filtered and organized by reliability and quality.



From the RvealTV Main Menu, you can also go to the Extras tab under the Movies and TV Shows category for even more streams and choices.


Exploring EXTRAS



For additional help and instructions, please contact our customer care team here.


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