System Audio Configuration/RvealTV Audio Configuration/Dolby Digital Setup

Mar 30 2016

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to configure your Digital Audio Output:

> Select Settings on the Home scree.

> Select the Advanced tab.

> Scroll down and select Digital Audio Output.

> Select PCM for default audio passthrough settings, SPDIF Passthrough for SPID (Optical Cable) audio passthrough, or HDMI passthrough for HDMI audio passthrough.


If you've connected via an SPDIF cable to a Dolby Digital capable system, and have selected SPDIF Passthrough inside Settings you can now activate the Dolby Digital sound through our RvealTV platform.


Here are step-by-step instructions on how to activate Dolby Digital Settings inside RvealTV:

> In RvealTV select System.

> Scroll down and select System once more.

> Select Audio output.

> Scroll down and check in Enable passthrough. The options underneath will become active.

> Scroll down and Check in - Enable Dolby Digital (AC3) transcoding, and DTS capable receiver.

> Scroll back up and select Number of channels. In here you can choose the channel level you would like.

> Here you can configure the RvealTV platforms audio settings even further and a variety of systems.




For additional help and instructions, please contact our customer care team here.



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